What is a Homecoming Mum?

In  Texas, and the southern states surrounding it, Homecoming is a tradition dating back to the 1950’s and is signified and exemplified by Homecoming mums and garters with mums.   The garter mums are normally given to the Boy. The Girl receives a much larger, more elaborate version.  They can be made or purchased, but when purchased, the cost can be much more than if self-made.


A silk Mum is attached to a backing, then ribbons are usually added and in school colors or grades; i.e. Seniors, Juniors, etc..
Trinkets such as a drum for band, A hat or boots for drill teams – Pom-poms for cheerleading – Letters spelling the individual’s name and their grade – “HOMECOMING” trinket with the

graduation year,  any activities they are involved in, etc. – Feather boas or feathers – Flashing lights attached to ribbons –  Teddy bears or school mascots, in stuffed animal form, hot glued on to the silk mum – Garlands can be intertwined within the ribbons and any Braided ribbons or any intricate ribbon creation – Anything else that looks decorative and spirited – no end to options for decorating….A homecoming mum makes  a wonderful High School Memory that lasts and lasts…..

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1 Response to What is a Homecoming Mum?

  1. susanfamilyof5 says:

    I remember making my first mum.
    I was so excited Trinkets Ribbons Bells and so very much more to put on it.
    It turned out to be so beautiful 😉 So many memories.
    wearing it. Enjoying the time making it also.
    All along getting ideas for the next one. Can’t wait.


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